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ABS sheets

ABS solid sheets made of plastics are used as structural material and easily lend themselves to mechanical and thermal treatment.

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) features special impact resistance and flexibility. ABS sheets can be easily thermoformed; therefore, it is possible to produce sophisticated design products using deep molding. ABS sheets can have glazed, mat or relief surface. ABS can be used for manufacturing car fittings, as well as in production of cases and covers for home appliances.

Application areas:

  • refrigeration, electronics, packaging materials, chemistry,
  • installation and motor-car industries, transportation
  • sanitary installations, medical industry
  • signage and advertising
  • construction and design industry
  • furniture industry

ABC loksnes

Technical specifications:

Density1,06 g/cm³
Linear expansion0,09 mm/m/°C
E-modulus2200 mPa
Temperature range-40°C +80°C

DescriptionColorSurfaceThickness, mmSheet size, mm
ABS sheetblack
emb.5032000 x 1250
ABS sheetblackemb.5042000 х 1250
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