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RIGID PVC sheets Vekaplan

Clear PVC sheets Vekaplan KT

VEKAPLAN KT is a crystal clear sheet made of rigid PVC which is characterised by its high light transmission of up to 88%. It is resistant to environmental influences and can be universally processed. VEKAPLAN KT is not only suitable for industrial applications but also for design elements both in- and outdoors.


  • exhibition construction
  • displays
  • signage
  • furniture construction
  • machine covers and casings
  • hand guards
  • control and meter cabinets
  • balustrades
  • roofing


Technical specifications:

Density1,38 - 1,42 g/cm³
E-modulus3870 MPa
Tensile strength69.2 MPa
Coefficient of expansion0.09 mm/m/°C
Vicat softening point70°C


Vekaplan KT rigid PVC sheets

DescriptionThickness, mmSheett size, mm
KT clear12000 x 1000
KT clear12440 x 1220*
KT clear13000 x 1500*
KT clear1.52000 x 1000
KT clear1.52440 x 1220*
KT clear1.53000 x 1500*
KT clear22000 x 1000
KT clear22440 x 1220*
KT clear23000 x 1500*
KT clear32000 x 1000
KT clear32440 x 1220*
KT clear33000 x 1500*
KT clear42000 x 1000
KT clear42440 x 1220*
KT clear43000 x 1500*
KT clear52000 x 1000*
KT clear52440 x 1220*
KT clear62000 x 1000*
KT clear62440 x 1220*
KT clear63000 x 1500*
KT clear82000 x 1000*
KT clear83000 x 1500*
KT clear102000 x 1000*
KT clear103000 x 1500*

*) Available on request

White PVC sheets Vekaplan K

VEKAPLAN K is a compact sheet made of rigid PVC which is characterised by its increased impact strength and its diverse processing options. It is also resistant to environmental influences as well as to common cleaning and sterilising agents. With this combination of favourable characteristics VEKAPLAN K is the perfect sheet for versatile applications both indoors and outdoors.


  • exhibition construction
  • shop fitting
  • displays
  • signage
  • wall cladding
  • special purpose vehicle construction
  • frame panelling
  • sanitary rooms
  • sandwich elements
  • interior and exterior architectural detail

Technical specifications:

Density1,4 - 1,46 g/cm³
E-modulus3000 MPa
Tensile strength52 MPa
Coefficient of expansion0.07 mm/m/°C
Vicat softening point72°C

DescriptionThickness, mmSheet size, mm
VEKAPLAN K white gloss
12000 x 1000
VEKAPLAN K white gloss12440 x 1220*
VEKAPLAN K white gloss13000 x 1500
VEKAPLAN K white gloss1.52000 x 1000
VEKAPLAN K white gloss1.52440 x 1220*
VEKAPLAN K white gloss1.53000 x 1500*
VEKAPLAN K white gloss22000 x 1000
VEKAPLAN K white gloss22440 x 1220*
VEKAPLAN K white gloss23000 x 1500*
VEKAPLAN K white gloss32000 x 1000
VEKAPLAN K white gloss32440 x 1220*
VEKAPLAN K white gloss33000 x 1500*
VEKAPLAN K white gloss42000 x 1000*
VEKAPLAN K white gloss43000 x 1500*
VEKAPLAN K white gloss52000 x 1000*
VEKAPLAN K white gloss53000 x 1500*
VEKAPLAN K white gloss62000 x 1000*
VEKAPLAN K white gloss63000 x 1500*
VEKAPLAN K white gloss82000 x 1000*
VEKAPLAN K white gloss83000 x 1500*
VEKAPLAN K white gloss102000 x 1000*
VEKAPLAN K white gloss103000 x 1500*

*) Available on request

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